Thank you very much for accessing our website.

The Japanese Winnicott Association (JWA) is an academic organization established in 2019. The missions of this association are:

  • To offer better services for our users through promoting psychoanalytic (mainly Winnicott’s and British Independent group’s) theory and practice to clinicians and researchers involved in human services.
  • To investigate cultural area, which gives us fertile experiences, and of which Winnicott thought as our living itself.

Our Objectives

  • To hold annual meeting
  • To publish periodicals
  • To hold academic seminars with prominent practitioners or scholars
  • To inform psychoanalytical matters, especially Winnicott and British Independent group

President’s Greeting

Today Winnicott has been more evaluated than ever before. He is the most original psychoanalyst in theory and practice among past psychoanalysts such as Freud, Ferenczi, Klein, Lacan, Bion, and so on. His ambitious practices convey us his genuine creativity.

We also know his theory affects us as they point the essentials of our living in plain words. In addition, the theory covers art and culture as well as psychoanalysis. We often notice we get into a dialogue with him when we read his essays. It will be caused by his unique narrative to allure us to deep exchanges.

He did not wish us to follow him or to organize a school. So none of us are Winnicottian. We established JWA not to follow him but to succeed his philosophy to next generations, and to employ the philosophy for our patients. We hope you to commit this movement to develop our missions.

Naohiko Tachi